Torbjörn Andersson, M.D., ‎Professor, Deputy Program Director at Örebro University

Torbjörn Andersson Professor in Radiology and has vast experience of using 3D models in anatomy learning and teaching. Learn more about Professor Anderssons work at Örebro University here (Swe)


Veronica Hansson, student representative

Veronica Hansson is a nursing student, and vice president of the Medical student´s association, Karolinska Institutet. Veronica is also student representative in the Board of higher Education, Karolinska Institutet. Learn more about the Medical students´s association here (Eng)


Jörgen Nordenström, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Karolinska University Hospital

Jörgen Nordenström, M.D., is a Professor of Surgery, Dept Molecular Medicine and Surgery and has a atrong track record of optimising learning and teaching in higher education. Learn more about Professor Nordenström here (Swe)


Wojciech Pawlina, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Medical Education, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, US

Wojciech Pawlina, M.D. is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Anatomy at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. He serves as the Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development and Innovation at Mayo Medical School and as the Medical Director of Procedural Skills Laboratory. Dr. Pawlina teaches gross anatomy, embryology, and histology to medical students, residents, fellows, and other health care professionals. His research interest in medical education is directed towards strategies to implement professionalism, leadership, and teamwork curriculum in early medical education. Recently he was selected as the Editor-in-Chief of Anatomical Sciences Education.

Learn more about Professor Pawlina here


Pär Stjärne, M.D., Professor, Dept of Otorhinolaryngology, Head of Rhinology, Karolinska University Hospital
Pär Stjärne is establishing a wet lab for anatomical education and surgical training at the Karolinska University Hospital. Learn more about Professor Stjärne here (Swe)


Jannike Svedin, student representative

Jannike Svedin is a medical graduate student, and supertutor in Anatomy at the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet. Jannike has vast experience of peer learning and is a member of the Clinical Anatomy project team.